Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Debevoise & Plimpton's Helen Cantwell - Crime/fraud exception may fit perfectly

A fitting shoe.

Making crime/fraud allegations by James E. Butler Jr. of Butler Wooten.

Oh, Helen, I know that you must be one of the country's top lawyers, as you came out of Harvard Law School, made a good name for yourself in the SD NY, and now joined a top white-shoe law firm...and I presume that such stilettos have never actually graced your serious feet in the real world that you inhabit...but still....I thought you would be amused by this random blog post about shoes that fit....


"Know that high heels make many of us working ladies look great and feel amazing. Why? Well, allow me to indulge you with the reasons…

Reason #2: They always fit. Always. Fat days, thin days, bloated days, happy days, miserable days, my-best-friend-is-unavailable days, my-cat-ran-up-the-tree-in-the-rain-and-got-struck-by-lightening days and all the days in between – the shoe will fit. It just will. Unlike the jeans and the very unreliable leggings. A pair of shoes that always look good, will always look good. Despite popular perception, we need consistency in some areas of our lives. We also need to be people who are consistent in our values and the person we present to the world. We learn this from… shoes!

"You know, the moral here is that just like one’s man’s trash is another man’s treasure, one (wo)man’s Prada pump is another (wo)man’s life lesson. If the shoe fits – wear it, if the lesson means something to you, take it, embrace it and allow it to fit the shape of your world. If it doesn’t, then perhaps you enjoyed the read anyway. I’m hoping that though sharing stories of life, love, learning and everything else, that we are able to discover treasures that go beyond the step of the shoe, to the beat of our hearts. Will you pull on your proverbial heels with me this week as we recognise that we have a long journey ahead and lots of time to walk tall through it. 

Have a wonderful week."

Shoe fits blog post, by Jo Sharpe