Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Car song

Woody Guthrie

Car song - Guthrie

Here, Toyota, some tidbits for my dossier.
My parents are Sally and (the late) Ernie. They were radical art students when they met. My father had done the Marine Corps in the Pacific in WWII. It made him a radical pacifist afterward. My mother's father was an inventor in the nascent auto industry in the 1920s. My mother was and still is bookish, a great writer too, and spent 25 years of her life teaching children to read. My father made a living as a commercial artist in the days before computers. He had a steady hand.

I was a champion equestrian at a young age. Later I learned art. That is why I went to Japan.

I was raised on Pete Seeger and other folk singers who instilled in me a passion for social justice.

That's all for now. What can you learn from this, anything?

Abiyoyo - pete seeger

Which side are you on? pete seeger