Friday, October 3, 2014

Dr. Todd Hubing: "electronics failures leave behind no evidence"

A Lexus.

Dr. Hubing

CBS Story on Dr. Todd Hubing's research into electronics malfunctions

Dr. Hubing of Clemson University: "Electronics failures leave behind no evidence.:" and "there's just no sign of a problem after the incident occurs."

According to the CBS story, Dr. Hubing interfered with the electronics systems on two Toyota models, and he says they tricked the engine control module into thinking the accelerator pedal was fully depressed. He says the two cars did not detect a problem or set a trouble code, and they should have.

"If a trouble code does not come up, we think it very likely that it's a software problem."

He says a trouble code would have put the vehicles in limp mode, but because there wasn't one, the vehicles accelerated instead.

Dr. Hubing says that he hopes federal investigators can duplicate the problem that he found so that they can determine if this problem affects just Toyota models or those from other automakers as well.
Dr. Hubing is a world-class expert in Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). He has presented his findings to the National Academy of Science. Toyota undoubtedly knows of his work. NHTSA knows of it. NASA knows of it. And, so, why are they deaf to Dr. Hubing?

Bob Ruginis might well consider having his Corolla tested in Dr. Hubing's lab and then give the results to NHTSA as a reference while they are doing their investigation.