Thursday, November 27, 2014

U.S. House Takata Toyota NHTSA hearing coming up on Dec 3

We never know what's up and what's down, and the basic facts of the auto business.
It seems like the joke is usually on the consumer. At least that much is known.


Engineer XYZ-52 has suggested some interesting questions for  the upcoming U.S. House Takata airbag defect hearing, where Toyota is also summoned to testify:

I’m hoping the following questions get asked and answered at the Takata/NHTSA/Toyota hearing next week.
1.  How many airbags have been produced by Takata over the past 12-15+ years?

2.  To what automakers, models, and model years did these go?

3.  How and why was there a complete breakdown of quality control over at least the past 12-15+ years at Takata?

4.  Are there more Takata airbags affected than have been acknowledged by Toyota and other automakers?
5. How much of Takata's quality problems were known to automakers?

My question: Why can't members of Congress think up good questions like these?