Monday, November 10, 2014

Attorney Robert Hilliard reveals Delphi emails re GM switch order: "This is simply mind-blowing in its raw evilness"

Deadly, raw evilness.*

General Motors ordered 500,000 replacement ignition switches nearly two months before it notified safety investigators of a problem with its cars tied to at least 30 deaths, according to a lawyer suing the automaker.
CNN Money: companies/gm-recall-ignition-switch-order/

Under the friendly umbrella of NHTSA, Toyota, GM, Takata, Ford, and uncounted other automakers and parts suppliers have found protection from their deadly defects.
NHTSA is the common denominator here, widely recognized by automakers as easy to play with and win...and lives are lost when the consumer loses.

How many ways can we say this? How many people have to speak? Who can speak louder than automaker money and political influence?

In Hebrew we would say "ad matai?"  -- Until when must we wait?

and meanwhile, from the WSJ story that broke today:

What magic did Hilliard use to get an OK to disclose the Delphi/GM "brutally callous" emails? 

"Delphi, which declined to comment on the emails, produced the documents pursuant to a discovery order connected to a court case now being heard in New York. The parts maker removed the confidential designation after Texas attorney Bob Hilliard questioned whether the emails needed to remain confidential material."

* Do not eat this mushroom. It is really deadly poison. Don't even touch it.