Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Toyota service guys alleged to steal customer coins and watch porn on diagnostic computer while in customer's truck!

Toyota dealer service manager allegedly stealing coins from customer truck.

Here's the detailed story, including videos and a letter this customer wrote to the dealer. After hearing so many horror stories about Toyota dealer mistreatment of customers, I find this quite credible.

There's a note that the dealer apparenly "resolved" this matter. Maybe that means the customer was paid off.

Meanwhile, Toyota has this official human rights policy up on its website.

If I read this correctly, Toyota does not audit its overseas dealers for their compliance with company policy regarding human rights. While there are many more horrendous human rights abuses going on everywhere, and not to diminish those, I suppose Jason's human rights include the security of the items in his truck when he leaves it for service.

If I understand this accurately, the dealer can apparently freely use Toyota's name and brand, products and service technologies to attract customers, but Toyota does not require them to respect the customer's basic human rights. They are "self-inspecting," and to Toyota, that is good enough.

And beyond human rights, we have actual laws and regulations that Toyota claims it obeys. Do dealers respect those? It seems that there is some evidence that this dealer did not.

Question: Why does Toyota give this "Self-Inspection" loophole to its dealers?
Suggestion: Maybe other customers should try placing cameras inside their vehicles when leaving them for service at Toyota dealers. Maybe this should happen especially when complaining about SUA.