Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ralph Nader and Clarence Ditlow: Regulators "asleep," NHTSA needs "complete overhaul"

Regulatory sleep disorder.

Ralph Nader and his protege, Clarence Ditlow of the Center for Auto Safety, have taken up their pens and have finally written, strongly, what needs to be said in the nation's newspaper of record. And this was two weeks ago, even before the most damning revelations of the urgent but secret ignition switch order for 500,000 pieces to Delphi from GM (and GM's failure to produce the documents about that order) and the story of the Takata whistleblowers who claim that their secret airbag tests were covered up by Takata management. These are perfect cases in point, and Nader and Ditlow should be awarded medals of honor and LOTS of CASH for their tenacity in fighting for auto safety for decades while the government slept and automakers made money at the expense of the public. They are doing the giant job that the ENTIRE U.S. GOVERNMENT HAS DROPPED. The problem goes way beyond NHTSA. The problem extends to Congress and the DOJ as well. Maybe also to the courts that approve secret settlements. And maybe also to citizens who do not take any action either. Whoever is to blame. the public is now finally aware that it is at risk. That is a good thing, and thanks in great part to these brave, persistent, nay, heroic two gentlemen.