Thursday, November 13, 2014

Underappreciated risk in auto electronics safety: counterfeit parts

Such shiny watches!

I think that automakers must all have built advanced systems to detect counterfeit electronic components and electrical parts. But maybe not. You cannot be too careful. You have to test continuously, according to CALCE chief Dr. Michael Pecht.

And consumers do not have testing labs, do they? They must trust the automakers and parts suppliers.

CALCE has made a name for itself in holding these anti-counterfeiting seminars for years already. There must be a reason that they are needed.

Dr. Diganta Das of CALCE, University of Maryland will teach a full day Master Class “Counterfeit Electronics Components: Avoidance and Detection” on at the 24th MIRCE International Symposium at Exeter, England, United Kingdom on December 4, 2014. The course will draw upon the practical experience of Dr. Das on the area of counterfeit part through his work with government, industry, academia, law enforcement, test laboratories, electronic part users, distributors and manufacturers.

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cid:part2.05010308.08060205@calce.umd.eduDr. Diganta Das, Science Fellow of the Mirce Akademy, is a member of the research staff at the Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering. Dr. Das is the organizer of the most trusted event in fighting counterfeit electronics in the United States and with SMTA he had organized 10 conferences with large participation of industry, government, law enforcement, test laboratories and standards development organizations. He is a group leader for the SAE G-19 counterfeit detection standards group and has leading role in developing the standards. He has organized sessions in SAE’s Aerospace Conference on counterfeit electronics.  He has developed and taught courses on counterfeit electronics and helped develop training material related to counterfeit electronics. He is the recipient of member of technical distinction award of SMTA for 2014 for his effort on counterfeit electronics prevention. 

For more information on the class, please contact Dr. Diganta Das. To register for the class, please download the registration form at

You can also use the attached registration form and mail the completed form to complete registration. 

The topics covered will include:
History of counterfeit electronic components

Electronic Part Supply Chain
·         Assessment of Electronic Part Manufacturers and Parts
·         Assessment of Electronic Part Distributors
How to Assess and Utilize Process Change Notices
  • Introduction and examples
  • Use in counterfeit detection

Counterfeit part related prosecutions – two case studies

SAE Counterfeit Related Standards

Use of Authentication Tools and Taggants
  • DNA Based
  • Ceramic Based
  • Polymer Based
  • Creating a Supply Chain and Logistics Network for Taggants

Counterfeit part detection techniques
  • Non-destructive (optical, External Visual Inspection)
  • Non-destructive (X-ray, XRF)
  • Materials Characterization Techniques (FT-IR, DSC, TMA)
  • Electrical Characterization
  • Destructive techniques
  • How to effectively engage a test lab to perform counterfeit detection testing
The Future Directions

Please direct questions to Dr. Diganta Das.