Monday, November 3, 2014

Japanese blogger compiles stories of Toyota's links with Japanese organized crime

--from organized criminal yakuza who work with major Japanese corporations.

Here's an interesting piece from a Japanese car blog. I cannot confirm any of the allegations that it contains, but I translated it (casually) out of insatiable curiosity, and I post it here as a public service.  There is more where this post came from. you can follow the links within it to find some, but all in Japanese. 
When I can, I plan to translate more. The opinions expressed by this blogger are his own.
Original was posted in October, 2013.

"Toyota and gangsters and the police:
should death penalty be imposed after arrest by framing?

Mizuho Bank’s financing of gangsters has become a hot topic of late.

And it was not so long ago that the Organized Crime Control Law* was passed, either.

The Organized Crime Control Law [also called the Antisocial Forces Law] is a law that allows the police to arrest anyone, but it does not help in the least with regard to preventing violence by gangsters against citizens, and the plain truth is that it actually extends the power of organized crime.
As I also wrote in prior posts, there is an abnormally large number of organized crime group members and associates in Japan.

Retired police offers and others are being drawn into industries like adult entertainment, the sex industry, and pachinko gaming parlors that provide revenue sources for organized crime gangs.

And there is a honeymoon between Toyota and the Kodou-kai.* Toyota is lusting after the rights to use every last bit of the criminal gangs for airport construction or for this or that and the other thing.

“According to Japan’s Public Security Intelligence Agency**, Toyota prosperity is thanks to the Yakuza (organized crime gangs)”
“Is the U.S. freeze of Yamaguchi-gumi*** assets really aimed at squashing Toyota?”

Former Public Intelligence Agency investigator Mitsuhiro Suganuma raised a question about the lack of trouble during construction of a Nagoya skyscraper, the Midland Square (in Nakamura-ku, Nagoya), or of the Central Japan International Airport (located in the city of Tokoname), and Toyota’s ties to the yakuza were also mentioned. He said “it is very likely that the local major company (Toyota) absolutely needs the yakuza when doing the work.”

The Midland Square skyscraper is jointly owned by Towa Properties, Toyota Motor Corporation, and the Mainichi News publishing company, and its official name is the “Toyota-Mainichi Building.” It is located directly across from Nagoya Train Station on its eastern side, and the Kodou-kai headquarters are on its opposite, western side. This is the Kodou-kai’s (Yamaguchi-gumi’s)  territory, and had there not been talks beforehand, trouble would have been inevitable.

The Central Japan International Airport, nicknamed “Centrair,” is managed by former Toyota executive Yukihisa Hirano.  

The dark triangle of organized crime groups, Toyota, and the police, in which banks have also become involved, has been exposed but nothing more. No matter the exact amount, there are many companies that are being dominated by organized crime groups.

Better yet, I think the public will be better off if citizens ask gangsters to eliminate good-for-nothing bureaucrats and police chiefs. This is illegal, but now that the situation has deteriorated to such an extent, it will get worse and worse if it is not taken care of by forming an association and handling it by violent means. [disclaimer: I do not advocate violence against white-collar or other criminals--BB.]

I have no duty to write about the state secrets protection law, or the rise in consumption tax with the cut in corporate tax.
We are plenty contaminated with the nuclear power disaster, and the listed companies that have accounting fraud is also bottomless."
[there ends the blog post]
*According to Wikipedia, Kodou-kai (or Kodo-kai) is an organized crime group headquartered in Nagoya, near Toyota headquarters. It is under the umbrella of the Yamaguchi-gumi national crime group.
**This is the national intelligence agency of Japan. It is administered by the Ministry of Justice in the government of Japan, and is tasked with internal security and espionage against threats to Japanese national security.
***One of the top organized crime groups in Japan

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