Sunday, July 27, 2014

Uncompensated SUA victim comments "it is a worse situation than GM is charged with..."

A "cabal" of experts

An email from my inbox.

"If R is still in Israel, please tell him 'G says hi!'

You commented 'I am now scrambling to find ways of alerting the prosecutors to Toyota's apparent ongoing breaches of its agreement with them' and I’m wondering if my case is one of those. Just after the $1.2 billion settlement, C sent me four public documents (which I previously forwarded to you), only one of which I had previously seen, about my case and \ similar unresolved / unaddressed safety issues Toyota is ignoring. That Toyota STILL hasn’t come clean with NHTSA, or me, or anyone else regarding the steering shaft “connectors,” the unintended acceleration issue I experienced (probably associated with the cruise control), and that the SRS (among all other steering column / steering wheel mounted controls) was rendered inoperative and wouldn’t have deployed had I been in a resultant accident, I think might qualify. To me, at least, it’s a worse situation than GM is charged with and yet Toyota is getting off scott-free. I think this fits with your comment and proves, already, that Toyota is violating the terms of their settlement with the DOJ."

Keep going Betsy! You’re incredible! As always, thank you for all your assistance with my Toyota problems!


Oh, nu?