Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rumors are flying: Real reasons for redactions of Barr's powerpoint

Rumor mill

There are credible but unconfirmed rumors floating around (from more than one source) that the alleged true reason Toyota so fiercely desires that the unredacted version of Barr's powerpoint be kept from public view is that the names of the subroutines listed on Page 51, if made public, expose Toyota to the risk of patent infringement lawsuits from their various suppliers, perhaps from Bosch. Or, maybe, it is simply a matter of covering their hindquarters that remain terribly exposed to allegations of defects. Then there is also the matter of failsafe patents that were applied for and either not granted for some reason or were commented upon by patent examiners who noted their deficiencies, or perhaps were granted but not implemented by the engineers. Oh, yes, and then there is the rumor that Toyota asked Bosch to omit any SUA related diagnostic trouble codes because Toyota, supposedly, allegedly, knew that it would need to defend against SUA related lawsuits. Rumors....rumors, all.

Does this make sense?

Judge Selna, we'll catch up with you later about this, but meanwhile I just wonder if you have really investigated Toyota's true reasons for the fierce secrecy in light of the fact that their purported crown jewels have been proved in open court in Oklahoma to be mere dross.

Our true treasure, the honest and outspoken electrical engineer Dr. Antony Anderson, has this to say about the likely true reason:

Maybe Tom or Lisa can ask me some questions about this when they interrogate me. I would like that very much.