Sunday, July 20, 2014

Why I keep blogging

Why do I keep blogging when the DOJ has spoken, the plaintiffs are settling, the class action economic losses is settled, and the public has learned in the Bookout trial that the Toyota Camry has defective software that can definitely cause SUA?

Here below is just one example of why I keep blogging. I found this on  /sudden acceleration. This is about DANGER and injustice to consumers.

And it keeps happening, and none of the above facts has changed this reality for vulnerable consumers AT ALL.

頑固 Stubborn Betsy

May 26, 2014
By Anonymous
In June of 2013, I pulled into my daughter's driveway and was stopped. Suddenly my
Toyota Camry accelerated and lunged into the brick house. The cost to fix house $5000
and car $3300. LAST WEEK, I had a repeat occurrence when driving, I put my blinker on to change to R. lane, which I did and the car accelerated and LUNGED into the car
in front of me.Both cars were quite damaged, and I again will be charged with an
accident. This car has lunged unexpectedly before but fortunately did not cause an
accident (more room). My driving record is clear except for these two unfortunate wrecks
And in case you may think this driver's story is an outlier or just another case of pedal confusion, there is evidence to the contrary. The NHTSA complaint statistics show that incidents keep occuring, even post-recall and recent Toyota models. And Cole Portis, the Beasley Allen lawyer who beat Toyota in the Bookout wrongful death case, commented on camera when interviewed by Israel's Channel 2 correspondent Yigal Mosko that his law firm receives so many inquiries about SUA incidents from harmed consumers, he is confident that "thousands and thousands" of incidents are occurring on an ongoing basis. 

The dangerous vehicles are not fixed by settlements. The story is not over. 

Here's a picture of Cole Portis being interviewed via Skype by Yigal Mosko. Thanks to Beasley Allen media lady Helen Taylor for arranging it.