Tuesday, July 29, 2014

in re Rumors: Plaintiffs counsel Don Slavik asks The Right Question

A heart of gold
Don Slavik is the kind of lawyer who seems to have a true heart of gold for his clients, the wrongful death/personal injury victims of Toyota SUA. He had the strong heart to ask Toyota The Question--their reasons for the redactions on Barr's Slide 51 based on the Toyota Contention that these are subject to the source code protective order.

To wit,
"I ask that you describe with specificity what information you contend is subject to Dkt. 1980 [the Source Code Protective Order] and why you believe this to be true in light of Mr. Barr's sworn testimony (see his attached Declaration)."

NOW, where is Toyota's answer? Secret, I suppose.

See Slavik's letter to Nolan and Gilford below.

Meanwhile, in the Kitchen Sink department of odd behavior by Toyota counsel, I noticed that their most sought-after file, the native PPT of Barr's presentation, is the main focal point of the subpoena and its appended document requests, yet Skadden already has this file because just like anyone else, they could and they did download it from my very public Dropbox folder, and they can and almost surely already did perform a forensic analysis on that file, so they already know all about it. Yet they seem to need to make me travel some 7600 miles to give it to them and to be interrogated about it? Hmmm. How odd.

OK, back to Mr. Slavik's brilliant and important question:

Asking the Right Question