Sunday, July 27, 2014

Subpoena response due today; will she fight or will she be nice?

Putting the final touches on the subpoena response today.

I think that I am being nice. But we will see what Toyota thinks.

[Update: The response (actually, objections) was sent in to Messrs. Skadden a short time ago. It is 350 pages long. There is a lot worth objecting to, on every level.]

[Update 2: I remember with fond amusement that one of the world-class functional safety engineers listed on the subpoena document requests--Toyota's self-proclaimed "nefarious villains"--  nicknamed me the "Desert Warrior Queen" back when I lived in Israel's Negev desert, had received my first shock at the content of the Toyota internal documents, and had made a decision to act.
I appreciate the sentiment. Somehow I doubt that Toyota will be likewise impressed. ;-) ]