Monday, July 21, 2014

Software engineer writes about Toyota's different planets, etc.

Different planets

Dear Tom, Lisa, and Kevin, one day if you ever get all my emails, you may find one written by a truly lofty software engineer with expertise in functional safety (who is not involved at all in the MDL) who writes:

"I dont think Toyota could ever be honest about their SUA problems.
The documents you made available [via a reporter] showed clearly that 
their Marketing and Engineering people are on different planets,
their engineers are massively out of date with Best Practice and trying to do the impossible and that the software is in a dreadful state.

I think it would bankrupt them financially if they admitted this, because of the loss of face, reputation, credibility and the re-engineering effort and recall costs. I think they are already morally bankrupt but thats just my opinion."

Messrs. Skadden, this outspoken man is not on the long list of experts who seem to have annoyed your client.
I will not give you his name now.

But are you sure you want to rifle through my in-box?