Monday, February 16, 2015

Toyota's proposed court order does not include a lobotomy. : )

A lobotomy.

We are now waiting for the court to choose between Toyota's proposed order, or my proposed order, for the framework of complying with the court order to destroy 88 documents.

The court's choice is between Toyota's most expansive vision, where their representative gets to see everything on my computers, or mine, which directly accomplishes what we think the court wants--simply to destroy 88 documents. I think that the court might also be free to mix and match, or order a compromise.

So it may take some time before we hear back from the court. Meanwhile, I am busy trying to delete the documents on my own, and this gives me the ability to advise the computer forensics vendor what to watch out for to make sure they are all destroyed.

Of course, this also gives me another chance to review the documents. I am using my fully functioning brain to review them with gusto. What fun! I also have much more legal knowledge than I had last time I saw them or when when I first translated them. Skadden and my own lawyers are very good teachers. Reporters are also good teachers. So now I can see far more clearly what the documents contain. I suppose that even in light of Skadden's persistent enthusiasm for overbroad interpretations of the court's orders, they will not request the court to order a lobotomy. And no one has said that I cannot re-read them to my heart's content, for now. So whatever is in my memory can stay there.