Saturday, February 21, 2015

Court order for 88 docs destruction, and a fascinating read of Toyota's secret SUA documents


The court wrote its own order insead of choosing Toyota's proposed order or mine.
Court order for destruction of 88 documents

Meanwhile, I continue to try to comply with the court's original order to destroy the 88 documents. When we submitted our proposed order on February 11, we reported to the court that I am deleting files in an effort to comply as soon as possible with the court's original order. It seemed to me that Toyota and I will never come to any agreement on the way the documents are to be deleted, so I might as well delete them. Toyota's attitude is so persistently bullying, I think with an intent that is far more malevolent than simple implementation of the current court order, that I am completely sure that we will never be able to agree on a protocol for deleting these documents. So I may as well do my best to acomplish what the court wants.

I am going forward very simply. Read. Delete. Delete. Delete. Empty Reycle Bin. Wipe Free Space 35 times. Delete some more. It seems plainly obvious that the court's sole intent is that these docs be GONE. OK, no argument. I am disappearing them.

But it is time consuming, I juggle this with my translation work, and I cannot be certain to get every last document. Who knows what might be lurking among temp files, zipped files, recoverable files, and so forth. I am not a geek. So that is why we need a forensics expert--not to delve into every nook and cranny and every bit of metadata, but once I have done the best I can, to simply make sure every last bit and byte of these docs are gone. Duh.

While the Wipe Free Space utility is spinning merrily in the background, I continue to be ever more fascinated with what I am reading in the documents, the ones that are not under the jurisdiction of the court. I had forgotten, after several years, just how much these documents contain. If only some persevering and technically qualified investigator took the time to connect the dots. The admissions! The dates! And the names! Wow. I can't believe all the names. Well, I can believe them. Most especially, the names.  Too bad the US government has not been interested.

Patience, But it is hard to be patient with a disinterested government when, as Hike Heiskell said recently to a reporter, more SUA incidents are happening all the time.