Saturday, January 9, 2016

Toyota Corolla 2010 -- same car, another sudden acceleration incident


"The phenomenon repeated itself"

My rental was costing me over $500 for two weeks so I went down to the dealership to check on my car and make a payment on my rental.  The service manager told me everything was fine and even said, "You have a great car, I would drive this car across the country and back."  He also said I needed to warm up the car before I drove it.

I signed the paperwork, drove around the block with him and drove off in my Toyota.  That was Wed. This is Friday.  It happened again.  [それが再び起こりました.] I was on my way to meet a friend at Fitness Connection to do some pool exercise when my car began to accelerate.  The same thing happened again. Every time I tried to take my foot off the brake the car would accelerate. In a panic I called 911.  I ended up in a shouting match with the police officers.  I needed them to witness this. They just kept yelling at me to put the car in park. Finally, one of the officers jumped in the drivers seat and slammed it into park. When I said you're my witness, they didn't want to have anything to do with it. When the tow truck arrived he said there were several people in the area the same problem.

Question: This Toyota owner is terrified to drive her car, but is also morally alert and does not want to endanger others by getting rid of the car. What should she do?