Saturday, January 16, 2016

Acceleration issue awaits federal answers

 waiting a long time for truthful answers....

In Winchester on New Years’ Eve, three people were killed in a terrible accident involving a 2008 Kia which slammed into the back of a minivan.  Both the driver of the Kia, who told first responders that the car had ‘run away from her,’ and twin 7 year old boys in the minivan died.
But that was not the only fatal accident involving an apparently unstoppable car that day.
In Ontario, Calif., just outside Los Angeles, a Toyota Yaris slammed into another vehicle, killing five people, including a 7-year old boy who was a passenger in the Yaris. The driver of the Yaris is reportedly cooperating with investigators and indicated the vehicle’s brakes were not responding, and the accelerator seemed stuck down.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has agreed to look into the California accident.  Winchester has also requested the NHTSA send a team to look at the wreckage in the police impound lot here.
Earlier this week, Winchester detectives heard back from the federal government and sent in a requested copy of the accident report for their review.  Winchester authorities are still hoping a forensic team from the government investigates the wreckage.
....still hoping....

The problem is, dear police, that NHTSA has its own reasons to say that the cause was driver error, whether or not it really was. Like the rest of us, you will be waiting a very very long time for NHTSA's truthful answers
...a    v  e  r  y     l  o  n  g       t  i  m  e