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Accelerating Audi kills a kind woman, Val Deakin

The last cup.

Val Deakin, a 74 year old woman was having “a cuppa” with her eldest daughter, on Christmas Eve day, at the Costa coffee shop in Westerham, U.K.

An Audi A4 came crashing through the window on the side street, killing her and injuring others.

The Kent, U.K., Serious Collision Investigation Unit is aware of Audi SUA events. They have not charged the elderly driver, nor made the usual statements concerning a “possible medical condition,” or the driver “may have confused” the accelerator and brake pedals, etc.

They must have some reasons for believing what the driver has apparently told them concerning a possible malfunction in the Audi.

[Does the Audi A4 involved have the same electronic throttle control system as the 2004 VW Touareg referenced below?]
Prayers for Costa crash victims after Christmas Eve tragedy in
27 December 2015
by Suz Elvey
Kent Police's Serious Collision Investigation Unit is investigating the crash. Officers have
asked anyone with information to call 01622 798538 quoting reference 24-378 or
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"It could have been me," says woman who visited
coffee shop
26 December 2015 at 2:11pm
Last updated Sat 26 Dec 2015
(with 2:43 min video segment)
(Witness stated he heard “over-revving engine” -- 1:25-1:35 min marks)
One dead after car crashes into Costa
Coffee branch in Kent
Josh Halliday
Thursday 24 December 2015 08.56 EST
(with 0:30 sec video)  (Audi A4)
Jill Probert, who works in a nearby hair salon, said
the driver made the comment to a local off-duty
paramedic who treated him at the scene. “A
paramedic that lives down the road came in [to
our shop] and said that the driver said all the
lights came on his car, it just accelerated itself and
he lost control,” she told LBC.
[Condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.  Wishing
full recoveries for all those injured in this tragedy. What did the
driver and passenger in the Audi A4 indicate happened, “in their
own words?”  What model year Audi A4 was involved?  (2001-2005?)
News of Val’s tragic death in the disaster in
Westerham on Christmas Eve has come as a terrible
shock to everyone who knew her. She had gone there to
provide help, advice and support to a close friend, whom
she and her daughter had arranged to meet that
morning in the Costa coffee shop. The car which
smashed into the place, killing Val outright and seriously
injuring several others, had already careered some 200
yards along the road out of control, leaving a trail of
damage behind it.
2001 – 2005 AUDI A4 Vehicle Speed Control Problems  (U.S. NHTSA complaints)
Sudden Unintended Acceleration
01-04-2016  #1
(2004 VW Touareg)
01-04-2016  post #1
Sudden Unintended Acceleration

Last week, my 2004 Touareg experienced sudden unintended
acceleration. I was stopped at a light. When I took my foot off the
brake, the RPMs jumped to 3500 and the car took off. The brakes
worked, so I had the truck towed to the dealer. They are still trying to
figure out why this happened. Has anyone else experienced this? Very

Sudden Unintended Acceleration
01-04-2016  post #9
(2004 VW Touareg)
Sudden Unintended Acceleration

Thanks for your comments. I assure you, I am not a two-footed driver
and floor mats did not cause the problem. The week before, a sensor
in one of the front ABS brakes went out. We did not replace the
sensor, because they couldn't tell if that was the sole problem, or if
some relay would also need to be replaced. On the way home, the
EPC warning light came on. When I took it back the next day, they
couldn't replicate the problem. Just before the sudden acceleration
last week, the EPC light came on again. The dealership has witnessed
the sudden acceleration every time they have started it up since last
Wednesday. They found some moisture causing a short to some wires
that are contained in a sealed box in the engine, but they do not yet
know whether replacing that (different) relay will solve the problem. I
have 188,000 miles on the truck and would love to keep it going, but
it might be time... In the meantime, I have a loaner.