Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Another out of control 2010 Toyota Corolla "I couldn't stop the car"

Dear Ms. Benjaminson. I own a 2010 Toyota Corolla, and this past Saturday I was backing out of a parking lot at a local bookstore. I backed out of the spot, braked and completely stopped, then I put my car into drive, and with my foot still on the brake pedal, the car began lurching forward, and I couldn't stop. Another car was passing me on my left, and my car was heading towards his, so I tried to turn right to avoid him, but the steering wheel was locked in the straight position, and my car sideswiped the man's SUV and severely damaged the fender, front end and hood of my car. I just called a Toyota 800 number I was given by my dealer's manager, and I have case. I was told a man would call me within 24 hours to set up an inspection. I am beside myself over this. I know my foot was only on the brake pedal, but also the steering wheel locking straight is upsetting me because I fear Toyota will deny this and say I was at fault, but I wasn't. My foot never left the brake pedal, when I put my car into drive, but I couldn't stop the car. I was able to keep the speed at about 5 mph, but with the steering wheel locking, I could not turn to avoid hitting the other car. I hope there is something that can be done and that Toyota will stand behind this. Even the manager of Orland Park Toyota, where I bought this car, admitted of having a few incidences like mine with their cars. 

I believe this driver.