Monday, December 15, 2014

Re-elected Japan PM Abe and "Hitler's Election Strategies"

"The bible for winning a modern election"

Japan held snap elections yesterday. As everyone knows, sitting PM Abe won. Abe's people read this "bible." The author of this article analyzes Japan's rapid lurch to the right, and notes that the Japanese public does not seem to care. The article desribes a speech recently delivered in Hamburg by Professor  Koichi Nakano:
  Professor Nakano is a professor of political science at Sophia University (上智大学), who is one of the very few outspoken critics still standing up and critiquing the Abe government.. ..He explained with great honesty and clarity, why in his opinion, Japan is shifting dangerously to the right. The lecture resonated in Germany in a way it may resonate nowhere else.

We will never learn the precise details of the relationship between Toyota and Abe. But suffice to say that it seems to me highly unlikely that Abe can rule Japan without Toyota's support. It is most obvioujs that Abe has been very good to Toyota.

"There is only one path--this one."

Abe has been very, very good to Toyota.
Will this help auto safety? Or will this just enable Toyota to keep 
plundering the earth and its people in order to make more money for Japan, and for Abe?

bloomberg- /toyota-gains-on-abe-gifts-of-sales-tax-delay-weaker-yen.html

Question: How can we trust Toyota with our lives?