Wednesday, December 10, 2014

John Grisham and the alleged decayed ethics of Big Law

We are waiting for the court's ruling. I have little to say in the meantime. The Takata airbag scandal is being well covered by Reuters and the NY Times. I don't have to try to dig up the gory details, and have just been adding my comments and questions.

Meanwhile, to pass the time, I started re-reading The Street Lawyer. This is a book that came to me by accident some years ago, literally in a wheelbarrow full of pulp fiction, given to me on my old farm by a fellow English-speaking farm villager. I read and then tossed all the other Grisham books that I found in the wheelbarrow, but this one I kept.

It is written simplistically. Attorney Grisham writes for the masses and the best seller lists, but I found a likeable message on its pages -- you can be both a human and a lawyer. And sometimes that means taking on ferocious legal opponents who are protecting their big-money, unethical, and sometimes criminal clients, as the protagonist did. The people whose lives he may have saved may not have even known or cared that he existed. I like this character. He faced the truth and he tells the truth.