Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Japan's corporate executives and their apologies - subject of today's TBS broadcast

Executives apologize for scandalous conduct--
does this mean really taking responsibility, or is it just a formality?

こんにちは。 『外国人記者は見た!日本 in ザ・ワールド』です。 本日のテーマは『謝罪』! 今年だけでも随分、謝罪の光景を目にしたような気が致します。 本日の放送では、”謝罪”をする意味が日本と海外で違うことが良くわかる収録内容となっていると思います。本日も、是非ご覧下さい。

Hello. This is a message from [the TBS TV series] "Japan in the World, as seen by Foreign Journalists." Today's theme is "apology"! Even just this year, it feels like we saw many spectacles of apology. From the content of today's broadcast, you will understand the difference between the meaning of making an "apology" in Japan and the meaning of making one in any other country. Please tune in later today.