Friday, November 6, 2015

Driver: "Freakish random acceleration?" -- Yes, ma'am, but it is by design, actually

11-05-2015, 08:54 PM  #1
[Lexus LS - 3rd Gen (2001-2006)]
Location: Wa
freakish random acceleration??
Today was the second time this has happened in my 430.

The first time I was parking and inching up to the wall in the parking garage
and the car launched forward. It barely tapped the wall...of my newly painted
car. I figured I just spaced out for a sec  no damage / no big deal...just
thought it was strange. that was a few weeks ago

Today, I was moving cars around in my driveway. My S13 and GS300 were
side by side. I was just going to park directly behind them...accelerator sped
up (REALLY fast) as I was moving about 5ft from the rears of the cars. I
slammed on the brakes with BOTH feet until I could feel the Antilock brakes
vibrate like crazy....the car was still acting like I was giving it gas. 

I turned the wheel sharply to avoid (hitting) my other cars and almost ran into
the side of my house. it stopped less than a foot from the house and my GS.

The first time I thought it was im thinking this could be an issue with
the car 

Any else ever have that happen???