Monday, January 19, 2015

silverpikezero on Hacker News: "Alarming" ... "Stunning lapse of quality"


Yet another software engineer joins the large community of engineers who are alarmed at Toyota's unsafe engineering practices:

Comment by "silverpikezero" on Hacker News, commenting on Dr. Koopman's presentation about Toyota's software:

This is an absolutely fascinating slide set. Thanks submitter very much for the link. I have written embedded C before, and the following facts just blow my mind:1. The Throttle Angle function in the Toyota code had a McCabe Cyclomatic Complexity of 146 (over 50 is considered untestable according to slides) [slide 38]
2. The main throttle function was 1300 lines long, and had no directed tests. [slide 38]
3. I find the static analysis results quite alarming. [slide 37]
4. 80+% of variables were declared as global. [slide 40]
I find this to be a stunning lapse of quality, especially for a safety-critical system.

Question: Why are the DOJ, Congress, and NHTSA not alarmed at the stunning lapse of quality in a safety-critical system?