Wednesday, August 31, 2016

doc F00956-ATX-18200932 Lexus engineers attempt to correct accelerator sensor non-linearity, consider grounding

F00956-ATX-18200932 fiddling around with different sizes of ground wires in Lexus

F00956-ATX-18200932 Japanese source document

Yesterday we held a meeting concerning grounding wire measures against performance changes. 
There is a change in the accelerator feel when the grounding wire is strengthened. > At such times, non-linearity and hiss [possibly “hysteresis”] were confirmed in relation to the actual accelerator stroke and accelerator sensor RAM value.
The aforementioned non-linearity sometimes occurs and sometimes does not occur, and the cause is unknown.
> The situation is that the effect on the engine is huge as long as any non-linearity remains, and we came to the conclusion that design changes in the grounding wire measures would be difficult in the current situation, due to engine emissions and other requirements.

> However, we are moving forward with analysis of the facts in the aforementioned sensor hiss and try to find out whether there is anything we can do.
> Therefore, would it be possible for you to move forward with consideration of conformance of drivability and riding comfort in terms of possibilities for both presence and absence of grounding wire measures. >