Friday, August 7, 2015

Honesty Violation Pad for use on Toyota & dealers

Next time Toyota itself or your Toyota dealer sticks it to you in the way of fibs, lies, and worse-than-lies frauds, especially regarding your sudden acceleration incident or crash, you can whip out your Honesty Violation Pad, check the applicable boxes (I suggest "fraud" at minimum), fill it out with the details, and hand it straight to them.

Don't forget to write in an appropriate fine and additional punishment. Too bad the "$$ PAY UP" box is so small, but I suppose you could continue with a few zeros outside the box.

Mail a copy to Akio-kun and one to Jim Lentz for good measure.

You can buy a real-life Honesty Violation Pad here, at the (Dis)Honesty Project, a special initiative to help people face the truth about lies.